How to make your own Vibrafun mallets

What you'll need

Warning: Some cheaper phones have plastic displays instead of glass! You should NOT use steel wool on one of these, since it might make scratches on your screen! Try to obtain conductive foam foam for these instead.

1. Wrap the electric wire around the wooden or plastic stick.

Make sure it goes all the way from the bottom, where the steel wool is to be fitted, until the top where you're going to hold it with your hand.

2. Soak the steel wool in water

Most steel wool come with soap on them, so you have to wash it out thoroughly in a bowl of water or under running water. When you're done, let it dry for a while. Also, when the wool is dry, shake it around for quite a while, since it probably has many loose fragments in it.

3. Cut out a suitable piece of the wool.

4. Tape the steel wool to the stick

Make sure the steel wool has good contact with the electric wire. When you're done taping, shake additional fragments off the steel wool until it stops emitting dust.

5. Voila!

You have made your own MacGyver-style Vibrafun mallet!

Repeat from step 1 to make 2 :)


It is probably better to use conductive (anti-static) foam, since the steel wool has fragments coming off it which produces dust and might make scratches on plastic screens on some cheaper devices. However, since the foam can be quite hard to obtain, the steel wool is a more feasible option. Conductive foam is most often to be found in packaging of computer chips. You won't find it in your local supermarket, but it should not be too hard to find on ebay or at your local computer workshop.

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